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We support and challenge talented individuals like you. We never stop. We’ll take you as far you want to go. With us, you’ll be given room to shape your own individual career path, where you’ll be able to take responsibility, contribute creatively and play an active part in shaping events. Our informal and respectful work culture brings out the best in you. Join us and play a key role in our development. Let’s go!

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Lifelong learning


We believe in the power of lifelong learning. We therefore promote creativity, innovation and the joy of discovery, encouraging and empowering you to join us in creating a world full of possibilities. Together, we’ll build a strong, sustainable future based on quality of life, community, diversity and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Join us!

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Value Creators
Value Creators


Entry-level opportunities:
As individual as you are.

Winner at the Swiss Employer Awards


For several years running, we have achieved a top ranking in the “large companies” category of the Swiss Employer Awards (Swiss Arbeitgeber Award) – the largest employee survey in Switzerland. An award that not only demonstrates our attractiveness as an employer, but that we also use and appreciate as an important feedback tool. The above-average response rate reflects the high level of commitment of our value creators, who provide important input for improvement with their suggestions. With us, you make the difference!

You’re at the heart of what we do. Your talent makes you our Value Creator. We’ll support you and promote your strengths and interests. With us, you’ll benefit from attractive development opportunities.

With us, you’ll be supported and challenged. Thanks to attractive continuing education opportunities, a social framework and a unique corporate culture, you’re in exactly the right place to succeed as a value creator. As a result of our balanced focus on different regions and end markets, we offer you a high level of stability and a secure job. Let’s make progress together!

Are you interested in our job vacancies? Select “Apply now” in the job advertisement – it’s really easy. You’ll need the following application documents: an up-to-date CV, a compelling motivation letter and the relevant academic certificates

As soon as we receive your application, we’ll send you a confirmation message. After checking your documents, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to inform you of how we wish to proceed. The initial conversation may take place either virtually or in person. If first impressions are good, we’ll invite you to a trial working day. Your future team-mates look forward to meeting you. You’ll also gain a valuable initial insight into your new working environment. If your trial day goes well, you’ll then be offered a contract of employment. Welcome aboard!

Tips and tricks for an interview

  • Be authentic and be yourself
  • Find out beforehand about our company and your possible future employment
  • Assess your skills and goals realistically
  • Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Think about your salary expectations
  • There’s no reason to be nervous
  • Even if you’re not successful the first time around, please don’t hesitate to apply again in future

Would you like to work in Switzerland, but your place of residence is in a neighboring country? If so, you need to take note of some rights and obligations. No problem. We’ll be happy to assist you and will support you in this process. There are basically two types of cross-border commuter:

  • those who commute home every day
  • those who cross the border once a week

You will need a border commuter permit (G permit) to be allowed to work in Switzerland. We will send you the application form (A1). We will then initiate all further steps. We will also provide you with a form for registering your withholding tax. In Switzerland, withholding tax is deducted directly from the monthly income of foreign employees.

Any questions? If so, please contact us.

Do you want to make your holidays meaningful, gain professional experience and earn your own money? As a holiday worker, you can get involved in one of the important areas of production, work preparation, warehouse logistics and much more besides, thereby gaining valuable experience.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Your work will last at least two weeks at a time. In the case of cross-border commuters, at least four and no more than ten weeks. Legally, holiday work is permitted in Switzerland from 14 years of age and abroad from 15 years of age. Young persons from 19 upwards may perform shift work in the holidays.
  • We only offer holiday work during the summer holidays, i.e. between July and September. We do not offer any assignments during the Christmas, Easter and autumn holidays.
  • The application period for holiday jobs is from February to April. The registration form will be activated here during this period.

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There was no suitable position for you? Then submit your speculative application and we'll see what we can do for you.

Speculative application

Would you like to help us find qualified personnel?

We always fill our advertised vacancies internally. Particularly in the case of permanent positions, we therefore refrain from using recruitment agencies.

We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions about the possibilities of working with us.

Welcome aboard: join us and get started

You’ll be warmly welcomed and immediately become part of the team. This is ensured by our customized induction program, which will provide you with reliable support for the first few months. And the best thing is that you’ll get to know your future team-mates during the application process. After all, nothing is more important to us than the people – our value creators – who are behind every product and success story.