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International experience


At SFS, we make it possible for you to gain valuable international work experience that will take you all over the world. As our value creator, you’ll achieve success in your career whilst traveling the world and making exciting new contacts in doing so. As a result of our internal management programs, talented individuals are identified at an early stage. They are then prepared for the relevant positions by attending suitable seminars with a strong international focus, as well as short or long-term secondments. Have we piqued your interest? Click here to find our vacancies worldwide.

Possible areas of application
Project Management, Development, Sales, IT, Finance & Controlling

ARNAUD_NANGUE_DONGMO_S1268_1920px Arnaud Nangue Business Director TimberWork, North America
“I would describe my start at SFS as a success: We spoke to each other as equals right from the start. They made me feel welcome and that this was the right place for me. Back then, I was looking for an employer that was both deeply rooted and had a global reach. SFS offers the ideal platform in this regard: I was able to develop myself and my skills, and demonstrate my ability in an international setting. I am currently managing a product line in the USA, which is a great and exciting challenge.”

We are an award-winning company

For several years running, we have achieved a top ranking in the “large companies” category of the Swiss Employer Awards (Swiss Arbeitgeber Award) – the largest employee survey in Switzerland.

Career changers


As a career changer, SFS offers you a unique opportunity to push forward your professional development and gain valuable work experience, regardless of your qualifications. As our value creator, you’ll have a chance to achieve professional success and continually advance your career, even if you don’t (yet) meet all the requirements.

Possible areas of application
Project Management, Development, Sales, IT, Finance & Controlling