IT Specialist

As an IT specialist with Federal VET Diploma, you will develop, implement, integrate, test, operate and maintain IT solutions. Your training at SFS focuses on application development and system technology

About the IT Specialist with Federal VET Diploma

Main tasks for application development

Developing and maintaining programs; analyzing processes and functions; creating, programming and testing concepts; training users

Main tasks for system technology

Setting up and maintaining information systems; configuring devices and software installations; installing computers, servers and networks; maintaining hardware, software and networks; rectifying faults


Upper secondary school qualification with very good results in nature and technology (physics) and mathematics, as well as good results in German and English; logical and abstract thinking skills; quick thinking; intellectual flexibility in dealing with language and image content; systematic working method


Duration of training: 4 years, training location: Buchs (SG) or St. Gallen

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Location Location Start of apprenticeship Day internship Day internship Trial apprenticeship Trial apprenticeship Teaching profession Teaching profession
Heerbrugg (SG) 2024 Heerbrugg (SG) 2024
Heerbrugg (SG) 2025 Heerbrugg (SG) 2025

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Michelle Seiler

HR Vocational Training Manager

P +41 71 727 63 66

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