As a business administrator with Federal VET Diploma, you will have a wide range of skills and expertise. You will carry out challenging administrative work and often act as an interface between internal and external departments for our clients.

About the Business Administrator Federal VET Diploma

Main tasks

Planning, organizing and holding events and meetings; preparing quotes and invoices; keeping accounts; operating technical equipment such as computers, telephones, printers, fax machines and photocopiers; arranging, scanning and filing documents; writing protocols, letters, memos, etc.; using written and spoken foreign languages


Secondary school qualification with very good results in German and foreign languages (French and English), as well as good results in mathematics; ECDL advantageous; interest in commercial work; ability to understand contexts; quick thinking; oral and written language skills; enjoyment of computer work; independence, reliability, organizational skills; flair for numbers


Duration: 3 years, training location: Altstätten (for the Rhine Valley region)

Find your ideal location

Location Location Start of apprenticeship Day internship Day internship Trial apprenticeship Trial apprenticeship Teaching profession Teaching profession
Buchs (ZH) 2024 Buchs (ZH) 2024
Emmenbrücke (LU) 2024 Emmenbrücke (LU) 2024
Heerbrugg (SG) 2024 Heerbrugg (SG) 2024
Rotkreuz (ZG) 2024 Rotkreuz (ZG) 2024
Buchs (ZH) 2025 Buchs (ZH) 2025
Emmenbrücke (LU) 2025 Emmenbrücke (LU) 2025
Heerbrugg (SG) 2025 Heerbrugg (SG) 2025
Payerne (VD) 2025 Payerne (VD) 2025
Rotkreuz (ZG) 2025 Rotkreuz (ZG) 2025
Heerbrugg (SG) 2026 Heerbrugg (SG) 2026
Rotkreuz (ZG) 2026 Rotkreuz (ZG) 2026

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Michelle Seiler

HR Vocational Training Manager

P +41 71 727 63 66

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