As a logistics specialist with Federal VET Diploma, you will transport, store and distribute goods professionally. You will work in the logistics centers of our trading and production operations.

About the Logistics Specialist with Federal VET Diploma

Main tasks

Receiving, checking and recording delivered goods; storing goods; supplying ordered goods; packing and labeling goods; preparing delivery documents; managing warehouses; loading and unloading lorries; operating pallet rollers and forklift trucks


Completion of primary school; practical understanding; organizational skills, reliability and sense of responsibility; independence, stamina and ability to concentrate; sociability; service-mindedness; robust health


Duration of training: 3 years, training location for apprentices from Canton SG: Rorschach (locations vary depending on the canton)

Find your ideal location

Location Location Start of apprenticeship Day internship Day internship Trial apprenticeship Trial apprenticeship Teaching profession Teaching profession
Altstätten (SG) 2024 Altstätten (SG) 2024
Heerbrugg (SG) 2024 Heerbrugg (SG) 2024
Rebstein (SG) 2024 Rebstein (SG) 2024
Rotkreuz (ZG) 2024 Rotkreuz (ZG) 2024
Buchs (ZH) 2025 Buchs (ZH) 2025
Heerbrugg (SG) 2025 Heerbrugg (SG) 2025
Rebstein (SG) 2025 Rebstein (SG) 2025
Rotkreuz (ZG) 2025 Rotkreuz (ZG) 2025

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Remo Stauffacher

Remo Stauffacher

HR Vocational Training Manager

P +41 71 727 51 47

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