As a Physics Laboratory Technician with Federal VET Diploma, you will perform physical measurements and test series with materials and systems. You will set up experimental facilities, prepare experiments, carry them out and document them.

About the Physics Laboratory Technician with Federal VET Diploma

Main tasks

Preparing installations and equipment for experiments; carrying out series of measurements on materials (mainly metallic); logging measurement data; checking product quality; assisting in improving manufacturing processes; inspecting equipment and performing calibrations, maintenance and repair work.


Secondary school qualification with good grades in mathematics and nature and technology; technical understanding; logical thinking; precise working methods; ability to work with your hands; independence and reliability; ability to work in a team; creativity and perseverance when solving technical problems


Length of training: 4 years, training location: Zurich


Location Location Start of apprenticeship Day internship Day internship Trial apprenticeship Trial apprenticeship Teaching profession Teaching profession
Heerbrugg (SG) 2024 Heerbrugg (SG) 2024
Heerbrugg (SG) 2025 Heerbrugg (SG) 2025

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Remo Stauffacher

Remo Stauffacher

HR Vocational Training Manager

P +41 71 727 51 47

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