Retail specialist

As a retail specialist with Federal VET Diploma, you will work at one of SFS’s Swiss sales locations. You will advise and serve clients from various sectors. You will also be responsible for presenting, replenishing, storing and managing the goods.

About the Retail Specialist with Federal VET Diploma

Main tasks

Advising and serving customers in the sales business; knowing and maintaining the sales range; informing customers in detail and in a friendly manner about the quality, use, handling and maintenance of the products; designing sales stands and showrooms; compiling sales statistics and checking inventories; carrying out administrative, organizational and sales-promoting tasks; discussing problems with customers and looking for suitable solutions; planning and placing orders; monitoring delivery dates; checking deliveries; writing notices of defects to suppliers and taking care of the storage of goods


Secondary school qualification with good grades in mathematics and German; enjoyment of making sales and giving advice; sociability; communication skills; good manners; oral and written language skills; quick thinking; organizational skills; flair for numbers; foreign language skills advantageous; willingness to provide services; customer-oriented behavior; interest in administrative work; broad general knowledge


Duration of training: 3 years, training location for apprentices from Canton SG: St. Gallen (locations vary depending on the canton)

Find your ideal location

Location Location Start of apprenticeship Day internship Day internship Trial apprenticeship Trial apprenticeship Teaching profession Teaching profession
Aarau (AG) 2024 Aarau (AG) 2024
Altstätten (SG) 2024 Altstätten (SG) 2024
Au (SG) 2024 Au (SG) 2024
Bern (BE) 2024 Bern (BE) 2024
Buchs (SG) 2024 Buchs (SG) 2024
Chur (GR) 2024 Chur (GR) 2024
Frauenfeld (TG) 2024 Frauenfeld (TG) 2024
Gossau (SG) 2024 Gossau (SG) 2024
Mellingen (AG) 2024 Mellingen (AG) 2024
Münchenstein (BL) 2024 Münchenstein (BL) 2024
Plan-les-Quates (GE) 2024 Plan-les-Quates (GE) 2024
Rümlang (ZH) 2024 Rümlang (ZH) 2024
St.Gallen (SG) 2024 St.Gallen (SG) 2024
Zuchwil (SO) 2024 Zuchwil (SO) 2024
Zug (ZG) 2024 Zug (ZG) 2024
Aarau (AG) 2025 Aarau (AG) 2025
Altstätten (SG) 2025 Altstätten (SG) 2025
Au (SG) 2025 Au (SG) 2025
Bern (BE) 2025 Bern (BE) 2025
Buchs (SG) 2025 Buchs (SG) 2025
Chur (GR) 2025 Chur (GR) 2025
Frauenfeld (TG) 2025 Frauenfeld (TG) 2025
Gossau (SG) 2025 Gossau (SG) 2025
Mellingen (AG) 2025 Mellingen (AG) 2025
Münchenstein (BL) 2025 Münchenstein (BL) 2025
Plan-les-Quates (GE) 2025 Plan-les-Quates (GE) 2025
Renens (VD) 2025 Renens (VD) 2025
Rümlang (ZH) 2025 Rümlang (ZH) 2025
Sion (VS) 2025 Sion (VS) 2025
St.Gallen (SG) 2025 St.Gallen (SG) 2025
Zug (ZG) 2025 Zug (ZG) 2025

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Remo Stauffacher

Remo Stauffacher

HR Vocational Training Manager

P +41 71 727 51 47

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