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ICT Specialist with Swiss Federal VET Diploma

As an ICT Specialist, you will be responsible for ensuring that our customers are able to work with the ICT tools installed without disruption. You will rectify technical problems and support users.

About the IT Specialist with Federal VET Diploma

Main tasks

Installing and putting into operation computers, tablets and cellphones; integrating peripheral devices such as printers and laptops with the network; first and second-level support work; supporting users in operating and procuring ICT devices. Identifying problems and developing solutions with other experts; working in ICT ordering and in administration


Upper secondary school qualification; enjoyment of having contact and interaction with people; affinity for, and interest in, the ICT environment; networked thinking; technical skills


Length of training: 3 years; training location: St. Gallen

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Heerbrugg (SG) 2025 Heerbrugg (SG) 2025

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Michelle Seiler

HR Vocational Training Manager

P +41 71 727 63 66

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